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From how she gets her glow to her epically stunning style, we have put together some of Jenna’s most noteworthy looks. We also share some tips she learned from goddess, JLO!

American actress, mother and dancer, Jenna Dewan, has been blessing us with her make up and fashion looks for over a decade. 

A year ago, she shook up the world with her very public break up from Channing Tatum and more recent shocking news of a new pregnancy with her new-ish boyfriend, Steve Kazee. Although her love life may have had its ups and downs like most of us, one thing has remained the same: she is total style and mumhood goals. 

You’re glowing, Jenna!

Natural blush makeup

Dewan believes in loving the skin you’re in (we do too, sister) and feeling amazing with or without makeup on. It’s no surprise that many of her looks favour a more natural look, this one included, which emphasises a soft blush look with matching subtle pink-nude lip gloss and more natural-looking false lashes.

Bold lips

This Step Up star is no stranger to a powerful bold lip and prefers to have on an eye-catching lipstick shade to play up her look. This makes total sense to us with her flawless pout and flirty style. Coating your pout with a sultry bold lip in the shade of your choice is the easiest way to up your relaxed style with that added glam element.

Bohemian chic style

Self-described as a “hippie at heart”, Dewan’s style often reflects her personality with bohemian chic street style, indie hats and flowing maxi dresses.

Yes, she loves maxi dresses which just makes us love her even more!

Trendy hairstyles

From rocking long waves and ombre to short blunt lob cuts, Dewan is braver than most when it comes to keeping up with hair trends. Although she now rocks a short do, she’s no stranger to extensions which is a great option when your locks are short but you’re wanting to momentarily sport a longer style.

Get the glow

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s as if Dewan constantly glows like a freaking angel. Luckily, we’ve found out her secrets that she happened to learn from superstar, JLO. She uses the highlighter from JLO’s makeup line to achieve those heavenly cheekbones and overall glow. She also uses Savvy Minerals, a makeup line that is actually mineral-rich to improve the health of her skin during wear. 

She attributes her youthful vibrance to her green morning smoothies, constant hydration, vegetarian “mostly vegan” diet, daily exercise, and night time routine. She always removes her makeup before bed!

Give us all the tips, Jenna!


Not only is she incredibly gorgeous and talented, she’s also an amazing Mum to her daughter, Everly. She is committed to teaching Everly how to engage in self-care and create confidence in herself. Dewan says she does this by leading by example and making sure Everly sees her taking care of herself, loving herself and being creative on a regular basis.

Whether you’re considering a new makeup look, hairstyle or more boho chic wardrobe pieces, follow Dewan on insta for more makeup, mumhood and style inspo.

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