​Our Top Kaftan Picks For A Vacation Cruise

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Going on a cruise? Here are our favourite kaftan fashion looks for your getaway on the water.

Tropical Style

To nail tropical style kaftan fashion, rock bright colours and lively prints. Kaftan styles that nail this look are our Elise Embellished Kaftan, Sage Embellished Kaftan and Gia Embellished Kaftan.

From left to right: Elise, Sage and Gia. All styles available in both long kaftans and short kaftans.

Pair stunning bright coloured kaftans with bohemian style jewellery pieces like our Blue Seashell Earrings, Turquoise Chain Necklace, and Silver Turquoise Cuff.

Dinner Style

Many cruises have dinner and a show. This is a fabulous opportunity to dress up and steal the show with a gorgeous dramatic kaftan print. When the light hits your kaftan right, it will reveal beautiful embellished sparkles. Our recommendations for the perfect evening kaftans are our Lucia Embellished Kaftan and Suri Embellished Kaftan.

No kaftan is perfected until you complement it with gorgeous statement jewellery. The bigger, the better.

Pair Long Suri Embellished Kaftan or Short Suri Embellished Kaftan with our Gold Hinge Bracelet and Gold Twist Hoops.

Pair Long Lucia Embellished Kaftan or Knee length Lucia Embellished Kaftan with our Silver Hinge Bracelet and Alexandra Earrings.

Casual Style

Let’s be real. Most of your days will be spent relaxing by the pool with a mimosa in hand (we’re seriously jealous…). Our Montego Embellished Kaftan is the perfect easy outfit for this hobby. Is day drinking a hobby? It should be…

Montego Embellished Kaftan is available in both long and short length, pairing perfectly with Silver Leaves Earrings and Wavy Silver Bracelet.

Arrive to your cruise in style with our elegant embellished kaftans. You can mix it up with plenty of bold colours and prints by shopping our kaftans available online.

Thinking about taking a cruise but haven’t committed yet? We highly recommend joining the email list for several different travel agencies and cruise lines to make sure you get the best deal.

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