10 Tips For New Mums

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Whether you’ve just found out you’re pregnant or reading this as your newborn (finally) sleeps soundly nearby, we’ve got some advice to help ease your mind in your new chapter.

Savour time.

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant relentlessly peeing on sticks and tracking ovulation, just got that big fat positive, starting to rock your baby bump, or have your new bub in your arms, you now have a newfound appreciation for time. In the early days especially, you’re impatient, wild, eager. Eager to have time pass so that you can hear that precious heartbeat, tell friends and family, and look cute in maternity dresses. Then time slows down again in the third trimester when you just want this baby to GET. OUT. NOW. However, something incredible happens once you see those beautiful eyes filled with love looking up at you. Time starts passing like sand through your fingers and all of a sudden, you can’t get enough. Even though those first few weeks are challenging, savour each and every moment as much as you can.

Every stage will pass eventually. Remember this to get through the tough ones gracefully. Although it may not feel like it right now, your bubba will not have to feed every two hours forever.

Let people help.

You know the saying, “it takes a village.” Well, it comes from some truth! When you’ve got any or all of the dreaded pregnancy symptoms, allow your partner to clean and cook or opt for a professional cleaner. Don’t feel as though you need to do everything on your own when you bring your newborn home either, and take help when it’s offered. Don’t be afraid to ask the in-laws to bring dinner if they want to come visit baby and let your husband change the nappies. Remember, you did the hard part!

Give yourself a break.

If you were a perfectionist before mumhood, it’s time to let that ship sail and replace it with a new ship called, “my damn best.” Sometimes you’re going to mood swing your way into an argument about nothing with your partner. Sometimes you’re going to start crying with your baby from sheer exhaustion. Give yourself a nice hard pat on the back because growing and raising another human is difficult and you are giving it your all.

Trust yourself.

Not Google, not your mother-in-law, not your barista -- trust yourself! Sure they all have an endless abyss of advice and some of it may even be great advice, but trust your own mama instincts the most.

You could drive yourself crazy listening to all the recommendations, so do what you think is best because every baby is different and you know your baby best.

Laugh at yourself.

Do this instead of crying, because both will likely happen. Motherhood is overwhelming! From the second you get that second line after chugging lemon lime and bitters, your entire world begins to change. You need to learn to laugh at your imperfections and anxious ways and go with the flow of raising your little bundle of love.

Ditch the guilt.

Whether you break your oh-so-health-goddess of a pregnancy diet with a big ol’ cupcake or need a date night away from your baby, ditch that new mama guilt. The best thing you can give your baby is a happy, healthy mama who loves life and self-care is required to be the best you that you can be. For yourself and your baby!

Get active.

Sure, there are unicorn women out there that magically get fit again overnight after giving birth but most of us well… don’t. Whether you are pregnant or newly recovered from giving birth, get your body moving to reap maximum health benefits. This is not an excuse or the time to shame yourself or your body, this is a time to love and respect your body for the amazing things it’s capable of. Wear your bubba and go for walks, dance around to your favourite tunes with your bubba strapped onto you, stretch in the mornings, sneak in dates with the gym when you can. Show your incredible body some love!

Have a routine.

Your new baby will pretty much let you know what your new routine is a lot of the time, but there are great resources out now to help you track your baby’s routines. Tracking your baby’s feeding and sleeping habits will really help you feel more in control and you’ll be able to spot patterns.

Drink coffee, check email, take a shower.

It’s good to do small things that remind you that you’re still YOU and not just Mrs. New Mama. When baby is sleeping, take some time to do things for you whether it’s enjoying that fresh morning brew, checking your email or taking a nice (hopefully long) shower.

Take care of the girls.

Breastfeeding is no joke and it can be hard on the girls so make sure to gently wash your nipples after feeding time, use a soothing salve to help them heal, and massage them. Don’t get freaked over a leak, it’s natural and get comfortable! Breastfeeding pillows and comfortable chairs are all must-haves for the nursery.

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