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Australia has blessed us with endless fun local to-dos. Leave the kids at home and spice things up by getting out and about for a fun date night.

Our unsolicited relationship or marriage advice: keep having fun together. Whether it’s playing mini pranks on each other or writing love notes on the bathroom mirror, keeping it light and fun is a key to keeping a relationship lively and adoring. If you’ve both gotten into a routine (usually involving Netflix), mix it up by trying out some new creative date nights together.

Mini road trip 

Head a few towns over on a mini road trip for a change of scenery. If you have a small country town relatively nearby, you may even want to rent a budget room for the night. Check out last minute deals on travel websites for small towns. A night away can be very romantic, without the big price tag.

D.I.T. project

Find a cool do-it-yourself project on Pinterest and do-it-together. We’re not talking about a house renovation. Instead, make it a small enough project that you can complete it in a night like a suitcase coffee table or repainting an old furniture piece.

Recreate your first date 

Whatever you both did for your first date together, re-create it moment for moment to remind yourselves why you fell in love and how far you’ve come together. This is a favourite for turning up the heat and igniting those fond memories you’ve had of each other. Before arguments about towels and in laws (it happens to the best of us).

Head to a concert

Music immediately improves your mood and brings you closer. In fact we suggest incorporating your favourite tunes into all of your date nights! There is something special about live music though. We suggest buying tickets to a band you both like, attending a free concert or simply checking out a new local band playing at a nearby venue.

Get fancy

Choose a fancy local or hotel restaurant you’ve both been dying to try and get all dressed up for an upscale romantic date. We especially recommend this to parents who can’t remember the last time they put on formal attire. Choose date night dresses that ‘wow.’ The dress styles we suggest to make hubby’s jaw hit the floor are aphrodite style dresses, multi way wrap maxi dresses and our peyton style maxi dresses. Complement getting ready for your date night with a glass of champagne to get the luxe mood going. You won’t even recognise yourself as the person who inhaled chicken nuggets in sweatpants only a day previous.

Check out a comedy club

Laugh until your tummies hurt by seeing a live comedy show. One of the best parts of being in a relationship or marriage is getting to laugh with your best friend every day. This date night idea is a sure-fire way to get the giggles happening.

Get out on the water

Rent a boat for the day. There are heaps of boat hire companies that allow you to get out on the water for a day. Depending on your budget, you can hire a kayak for less than $35 for a few hours or half cabin cruiser between $80 and $300 for a few hours.

Go ice skating

Get rugged up and go to your local ice rink for some uncoordinated fun. Chances are at least one of you will be completely helpless, relying on the other to keep you upright. This is a fun and messy bonding experience. Opt for some hot cocoa afterward to warm back up together!

Get some air

Go up in a hot air balloon together. Yes, we’ll confess that it’s cliché, but there’s a reason for that. The views will be absolutely stunning and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience you can experience together.

Test your tastebuds

Go on a coffee, beer or wine tour. Take a private couples tour through a local coffee roaster, winery or brewery. Not only will you get to see how it’s made, you’ll also get to taste test with your hubby. If you’re wanting a tour with a view, choose a winery with gorgeous scenery.

Make a fort

Yes, we’re serious. Create a fort like a couple of children inclusive of pillows, blankets and fairy lights inside. Depending on the weather, you can choose to make the fort inside or outside. Leave the technology out of the fort. Instead, bring a notebook, pen and a picnic. Write out all the things you want to experience together from vacation plans to bucket listers.

Choose a pub with games

Go grab a drink at the local pub and have a friendly competition with pub games. Whether you decide to shoot some pool or play air hockey, friendly competition can increase cheekiness (a relationship fundamental) and spice things up. This is a budget friendly date we’re a big fan of.

Go bowling

Put on your slippery bowling shoes and get ready to get your strike on. Bowling is another friendly competitive activity to do as a couple to bring you closer. Even if you’re terrible and totally drop the ball (see what we did there), it will make for a memorable and hilarious experience.

At least once a week, pick a day to do something together. Keep a jar somewhere out in the open, a “date night jar”, to put date night ideas into and draw them each week.

Do you have a creative date night idea? Comment below!

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