​5 Cool Reasons To Have A Winter Wedding

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From the deep romantic colours to the comfort food, there are several benefits to having a winter wedding in Australia.

Whether couples opt for a getaway wedding in the foggy hinterlands, a cosy reception in the snowy mountains, or a sophisticated city wedding, choosing the unconventional season may be the way to go.

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Venue Availability

Spring has firmly held its place for being the leading season for Australian weddings, followed by Autumn, Summer and lastly, Winter. This means there is more availability when it comes to booking all things weddings in winter, including the wedding venue. Depending on where you live in Australia, you may want to consider an indoor wedding venue with a rustically romantic atmosphere. If you’re having a Queensland winter wedding, then you may want to consider holding the ceremony outdoors to benefit from natural winter lighting and mild temperatures.

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Cooler Fashion

Dressing for the season proves to be just as stunning as it is practical. Deep and moody colours are a big hit for winter weddings. Using dark shades of scarlet, emerald and brown are more suitable to a cooler climate wedding. Opt for long sleeved bridesmaid dresses, thicker fabrics and warm accessories. You may want to reiterate dressing for cooler temperatures to your guests so that they remember to wear warmer formal wedding attire. 

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Comfortable Climate

Choosing to have your wedding in a cooler environment makes for a comfortable and cosy ceremony. Weddings held in warmer Australian climates can quite frankly melt your face off and have you more uncomfortable than a polar bear at an African zoo. Winter weddings tend to be remembered as homely, especially if you go for a rustic themed reception at a venue with a traditional fireplace. 

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Overseas Honeymoon

If you’re thinking about having a honeymoon overseas in Canada or the US, this is the best time to go as the seasons are reversed. You’ll be able to enjoy summer in the Northern hemisphere after having a cosy Southern hemisphere winter wedding. Just make sure you book well in advance as summer honeymoons in North America can get quite pricey. 

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Budget Friendly

Venues and suppliers tend to have reduced rates during the winter months from June to August. This could make sticking to your wedding budget a lot easier, and allow you to splurge on other things like your honeymoon or a home deposit. Winter weddings are simply more cost effective than weddings held in the other hotter months.

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