5 Tips For Creating A Life-Changing Morning Routine

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Who doesn’t need more energy, clarity and confidence? How you feel may be hidden in your daily habits, starting with your morning routine.

Wake up early and at the same time every day

It’s easy to want to sleep in on the weekends, but it’s not particularly good for maintaining an earlier wake time. Your body responds best to consistent rhythms so set your alarm for bedtime and wake time to stay as consistent as possible. This will have you waking up refreshed, no matter what day it is. A 5AM wake time is a time that countless successful people around the globe swear by.

Drink lemon water as soon as you wake up

Before sauntering sleepily toward the coffee machine, try this instead. Sleeping naturally dehydrates you so prioritising that big ol’ glass of H2O with some fresh lemon will be sure to give you that added morning health boost.

Stretch and exercise

Why not get your daily workout in before the demands of the day start to require your attention? Whether it’s a stretch and meditation, 30-minute sweat sesh, or simply a walk outside, take some time in the morning to prioritise your health. This is especially beneficial to anyone on a weight loss and fitness journey. When you workout in the morning, you actually naturally burn more calories for the rest of the day.

Eat a nutritious breakfast

When you cultivate your very own morning routine, you have more time to make yourself a proper breakfast full of good nutrition. You’re less likely to grab an iced coffee and a muffin on the go. Eating healthy first thing in the morning can make you more keen to eat healthy for the rest of the day and help you curb cravings.

Set an intention for the day

Whatever is most important for you that day, make a mindful decision to go for it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be task-oriented.

Your intention for the day could be something like…

“I intend to lead by example today.”

“I intend to prioritise my health and self-care today.”

“I intend to react to any situation with positivity and resilience today.”

These morning habits may seem small, but over time they add up to create a more fulfilling and joyful life. There are plenty of other habits you can add to your morning routine including journalling, writing down things you’re grateful for, as well as staying away from technology first thing in the morning.

Now that you’re feeling awake, refreshed and in touch with YOU, you’re ready to make the most of the day!

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