​9 Refreshing Australian Influencers To Watch In 2019

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Social media continues to grow and influence the way we buy, see the world and can even influence the way we see ourselves.

We have scoped out some Australian women who are influencing the world via social media, cutting through the fog of conventionality and breaking down barriers. And we are loving it.

Kate Wasley @katewas_

Perth model, Kate Wasley, is inspiring women globally as an Instagram influencer with a following of over 344,000 people. She is a promoter of body acceptance and positivity. Kate encourages women to indulge in more self-love and aims to empower women of every body shape. We absolutely love her style and mission. There’s no doubt her following will continue to grow as she continues to spread her empowering message.

No photoshop here, ladies!

Insta @katewas_

Jo @iCurvy

Jo is an Australian fashion blogger giving us closet chats and sharing her personal outfit diary with us. She specialises in Plus Size and Inbetweenie (between standard and plus size) style. Jo has blogged about our Stevie Maxi Dress and our Aphrodite Maxi Dress, maxi styles that accentuate your curves. Jo’s fashion tips are perfect for all the plus size and inbetweenie gals out there needing outfit inspiration. Jo uses Instagram as a creative outlet for her love of fashion and uplifting other women. She also features plenty of discounts and giveaways on her insta to hook a girl up!

Insta @icurvy

Claire Alexander-Johnston @jetsetmama

Claire is a hilarious Aussie Mum Instagram influencer posting up adorable pics of her everyday life with her big family. Currently pregnant with baby number four, Claire writes about the joys and trials of parenthood, wifehood, and having a business. Her posts exude authenticity, humour and sincerity. From adorable pictures of her kids, Australian adventures and bohemian fashion, she is the Mum that does it all (but never lies and says it’s easy). She is also plant-based and all about eco-friendly, toxin-free living so she’s always inspiring us with her Earth-friendly tips.

Insta @jetsetmama

Marcia Leone @notsomumsy

Mum and business woman, Marcia, is the founder of notsomumsy.com, a life and style website. She also runs a successful Instagram with a following of over 221,000 people . To top it all off, she just finished writing a book! But before you sigh at the woman who somehow does it all, we’d like to quote her, “I’m no expert, I’m winging it just like you.” Her down-to-earth commentary, sophisticated boho luxe style and gorgeous photos will have you inspired and (let’s face it) very eager to shop LUXE style online.

Insta @notsomumsy

Laura Wells @iamlaurawells

Laura Wells is a curvy Australian Instagram model with a love of sustainability and green living (and a whopping 82.3k followers). Her Instagram is packed with incredible marine photos, fashion inspiration and Earth love. She celebrates body positivity and fights climate change one pottery coffee mug at a time. With hashtags like #dontbeadick, we can’t help but fall for her hilarious antics and stunning photos embellished with real talk.

Her hair is also seriously flawless.

Insta @iamlaurawells

Myra Maxwell @mummyandtheprince

She looks familiar, right? Myra is the face of our brand, PS Frocks, Mum to Arthur and Lyla, wife, model, and lifestyle blogger. She shares her nutrition, family travel, fashion, fitness inspo, and budgeting tips with us via her Instagram. From beachy tropical family vacation photos to teaching her little ones how to snowboard, Myra’s Instagram will have you planning family trips, making delicious recipes and trying out new fashion looks.

We’re proud to call this superwoman family!

Insta @mummyandtheprince

Margarita @beverlyic

Not only does she have the same name as an amazing drink, she also blogs about Mum fashion in a fun and humorous way. Margarita is an Australian Mum who was sick of boring maternity fashion and wanting to stay stylish even through pregnancy. Now she is an avid blogger through her Instagram, sharing her experiences as a mother and helping Mums stay stylish during and after pregnancy. She believes motherhood is powered by love and sustained by wine.

That’s a motto we can get on board with!

Insta @beverlyic

Samantha Tolley @addicted_to_bargains

Sam, Queen of Bargain Shopping and Aussie Mum, created her Instagram to showcase her bargain finds for fellow budget savvy Mums. Sam uses her Instagram platform to open up about mumhood, sharing that, “... it’s hard work and I sometimes feels like a failure.” We definitely don’t think so though. Her genuine messaging is complemented by heaps of budget shopping finds throughout Australia. From fashion to home decor, her insta proves you don’t have to spend a fortune to have gorgeous style.

Insta @addicted_to_bargains

Tia Provost @tiaprovost

Tia is an Australian plus size model and influencer with a mission of inspiring authentic and natural beauty. Her Instagram feed is filled with body love, confidence, stunning fashion, and beautiful words. Tia is a body image warrior from NSW who takes a holistic and natural approach to beauty and food. She emphasises health over dress size.

Amen, sister.

Insta @tiaprovost

Do you follow other amazing Australian influencers we should have on our radar? Comment below! 

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