Adorable Wedding Pets We Can't Get Enough Of

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Would you have your pet at your wedding?

We can’t get enough of how these couples involved their furry friends in their special moments.

Wedding Doggo Kisses

Look at his face! He is so happy to be a part of her big day. A wedding trend we love is the flower halo for your dog. These look especially stunning at bohemian, vintage, outdoor, and rustic themed weddings – all wedding styles that are trending this year.

You’re just so handsome, sir.

Pup Tux

Another wedding fashion trend we adore is the puppy tuxedo. Especially perfect for formal and upscale luxurious weddings.

They’re on their best behaviour for the big day.

Dog Love Signage

Incorporate signage into your wedding photos to create seriously cute wedding photography. Signs that read, “I loved her first” will nail an adorable wedding photo that you can keep for always.

Matching Bridesmaids

Match all your best friends, including man/woman’s best friend. We love the trend of matching your puppy’s bandana or bow with the same material as your bridesmaid dresses.

Hey, I’m her best friend too.

Puppy Proposal

The guy out there who won proposal game by proposing through a puppy. A puppy and a ring? We’d say yes. How could you say no? This is genius. Absolutely genius.

Those eyes!

Standard Pet Behaviour

This is the risk you take. We can’t promise EVERY photo will be perfect… But if it’s not, it will probably be hilarious.

Omg Bucky, really? Now?

The cute ones will be worth it.

Family Photography

Another trend we can’t get enough of is incorporating your pet into your family session photography. You know what makes photos at least one hundred times cuter? A paw.

You’re family too, you fluff nugget.

We want to know. Would you have your pet at your wedding? Comment below!

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