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This autumn it’s all about colours that reflect the changing of the seasons, and our on-trend shades for Autumn 2017 are warm hues and natural tones.

We’ve selected a range of chic colours for our Autumn 2017 P.S. Frocks range, and here are some of our favourites below.

Timeless Teal

Teal is one of our go-to shades this autumn, and is a colour that works well on any frock, whether it’s a casual day look or evening number.

Our pick for teal frocks this autumn are the Avery, Alexa and Kat Maxi Dresses.

Avery Maxi Dress Alexa Maxi DressKat Maxi Dress

Gorgeous in Grey

There might be a few grey days this autumn, but this neutral shades doesn’t have to be boring. It’s a classic look that suits a wide range of looks.

This autumn we have a range of grey tones in Ash, Grey Moss and Slate.

Our favourites are the Asta in Ash, the Mackenzie Maxi in Slate and the Sienna Maxi in Grey Moss.

Asta Maxi DressMackenzie Maxi DressSienna Maxi Dress

Magnificent Mulberry

Make a statement with mulberry this autumn. This warm winter colour is striking enough to stand out from the crowd but is still a classic look that won’t date season to season.

This autumn we love the The Alexa, Luna and Mia Maxis.

Alexa Maxi DressLuna Maxi DressMia Maxi Dress

Elegance in Emerald

This bold and beautiful green shade is a gem of a colour for Autumn 2017, and is a must for all read heads and women with pale complexions.

This autumn we love the The Lucy, Katie and Olympia Maxis.

Lucy Maxi DressKatie Maxi Dress Olympia Maxi Dress

Navy is never wrong

Navy is a classic colour for any women’s wardrobe, and is still a timeless choice for Autumn 2017.

This versatile colour pairs well with warmer layers in the colder months, and can be worn for a casual ensemble during the day or a formal evening look.

In Autumn 2017 we are love our Elsa, Gabi and Isla Maxis for a classic navy look.

Elsa Maxi DressGabi Dress

Happy shopping!

Love the P.S. Frocks Ladies xxx

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