​Autumn Winter 2017 Jewellery Trends with P.S. frocks

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Winter is here and there’s no better way to make a statement with a beautiful feature piece of jewellery. This Autumn/Winter 2017 there are so many gorgeous jewellery trends to choose from to add a little flair to any winter ensemble. Here are our Top 4 Jewellery Trends for Winter 2017.

1. Mystic and Mysterious

Jewellery with an ancient angle featured heavily on the runways this season, and a well-curated mystic-inspired statement jewellery piece adds a little drama to any special occasion maxi dress.

To channel the mystic look we love the Bohemian Pattern Necklace, Blue Gypsy Earrings, Roman Necklace, or our Black Leaves Earrings.

Bohemian Pattern NecklaceBlue Gypsy Earrings

Roman NecklaceBlack Leaves Earrings

2. Mismatched Maven

Mismatching your statement jewellery pieces is a great way to get more use out of you collection, and it’s also bang on-trend this season.

Think wearing a statement jewellery piece with an elegant earring, or mixing and matching both gold and silver.

To try out this trend we love our Golden Leaves Earrings with our Silver Feather Necklace.

Golden Leaves Earrings Silver Feather Necklace

And our Gun Black necklace and our Red Lotus Earrings.

Gun Black Necklace Red Lotus Earrings

3. Sparkle and Shine, day or night.

The diamanté is back this Autumn/Winter 2017, with a shiny ‘party’ earrings being a chic additional to any outfit, even a day ensemble.  

We love our Pearl Crown Earrings or Sacajawea Necklace to rock this look.

Pearl Crown EarringsSacajawea Necklace

4. Tassel do the Trick

Whether it’s a bracelet or earring, a bright or pastel coloured tassel will do the trick and add that on-trend finishing touch to any casual autumn or winter outfit.

To rock the tassel look we love our White Tassel Necklace, Peach Tassel Bracelet, the Natural Tassel Necklace or our Peach Leaves Earrings. 

White Tassel Necklace Peach Tassel Bracelet

Natural Tassel Necklace Peach Leaves Earrings

 Happy Shopping Ladies xx

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