​How To Nail Boho Chic Fashion

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We have compiled our top tips to bring out the inner artist in you and have you nailing boho chic fashion in no time.

Bohemian or ‘boho’ fashion has been around for over 200 years. After the French Revolution, bohemian fashion was created to defy the fashion norms of the time period. It has since been associated with creatives and free thinkers - artists, writers, intellectuals and other people with nomadic or alternative lifestyles. The people of France dressed in a way that rejected the bourgeois lifestyle and promoted the embrace of art and imagination over materialism and reason.

Nowadays, the French idea lives on as boho chic style continues to represent freedom and unconventionality - with a dash of creative rebellion, of course.

All fringe everything

Fringe creates an Earthy look and Earthy looks are essential to nailing boho chic style. First Nation cultures in North America have been adoring fringe fashion for thousands of years due to its organic nature and deeper meaning of unity. Choose accessories with fringe like our Deep Red Boho Earrings, Black Fan Earrings, Natural Tassel Necklace, and Silver Goddess Necklace.

Accessorise your locks

Loose, wavy hair is indicative of boho style as well as accessorising your locks with flower crowns and head jewellery. From weddings to maternity photography, head jewellery instantly gives your outfit and photos a very bohemian vibe.

Long maxi dresses

Less restrictive, free flowing outfits are the most ideal choice for a bohemian fashion sense. Long maxi dresses are made with quality light fabrics that flow, making them an excellent choice for creating an effortless boho chic outfit. Browse our maxi dress styles to find the perfect boho chic dress for you.

Patterned scarves

Add a boho flare to your outfit by choosing scarves with funky designs worn at the neck. If the scarves sport fringe, that’s even better. Boho scarves we recommend are our Zig Zag Scarf and Knitted Ruffle Brown Scarf. Scarves mean layering your outfit, and layering is a surefire way to create a more boho look.

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Vintage sunnies

Vintage sunnies are a staple accessory to nail boho chic style. Choose designs that were popular during the 60’s Hippie Movement. You can’t go wrong by choosing round sunnies. Round sunnies have become increasingly popular recently in minimalist style to add a boho chic element to an otherwise simple style. This is because they add a little rebellious attitude to any outfit. You little rebel, you.


The nature of a kaftan is to be effortless, comfortable, chic, and flowing, making kaftans an ideal choice for a bohemian-styled outfit. Any and all kaftans are going to create a bohemian fashion statement whether you go for a gypsy-inspired print or a more subtle upscale print. Whether you’re after a flirty, fun dress for a barbecue with friends or a more classic-style dress for a wedding reception, kaftans are perfect for all occasions.

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Denim dreams

Adding denim to your outfit is a great way to create a casual boho chic outfit. Choose ripped or worn denim for a trendy boho feel. Any non-traditional elements to the denim will also add to its bohemian vibe, including patches, beading, and other art aside from sparkle. We recommend going with more natural materials and avoiding glitz for this particular style.

Chunky jewellery

Choose bold and chunky jewellery with natural stones and beaten silver or gold. Perfect jewellery choices for boho chic style are our Silver Turquoise Cuff, Turquoise Chain Necklace, Multicolour Moon Earrings, and Silver Flower Earrings. When it comes to boho jewellery, go big!

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Bohemian fashion has evolved in many ways and branched out into sub-fashion senses like boho luxe and minimalist boho. All of these styles reflect the like-minded idea of adding a nomadic inspired creative flare to an outfit.

Bring a little boho chic everywhere you go with our simple tips to nail boho fashion.

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