​Outfit Prepping: The New Meal Prepping?

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If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few “fitspo” years, we’re sure you’ve heard of meal prepping. But have you heard of the new trend, outfit prepping?

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Much like meal prepping, outfit prepping is becoming more common as a way to look amazing without the morning hassle of making fashion choices on the fly.

We have some pro tips to help you plan your weekly outfits.

Choose your prep day

Mornings can be stressful enough without adding fashion decisions into the mix. We recommend Sundays as an ideal prep day, as most people have the day off to relax and prepare for the week ahead.

Scheduling due diligence

You may have events coming up or important appointments during the week. Coordinate your outfit for the day to align with how you want to look for certain events or appointments in your schedule.

Get inspired

Before planning your weekly fashion pieces, you may want to get some inspiration from Pinterest or by browsing dresses online. Getting inspo online can help get you excited about your weekly outfit prepping sesh.

Colour variation

When you plan ahead, it’s easier to notice if you’re wearing the same colour five days in a row. Planning your outfits ahead of time will help you have more colour and variation in your weekly wardrobe. Consider wearing solid colour dresses like Steve Maxi in Emerald, floral dresses like Batwing Orange Floral and pattern dresses like Belle Maxi in Navy Print throughout the week.

Match with accessories

Accessories are a quick way to add a dramatic mood to an outfit. A pair of big boho statement earrings like Black Fan Earrings, can completely change the look of your outfit. Another pro tip is to keep extra jewellery pieces in your desk at work. Just in case you have a surprise arvo drink with a friend and need to change the mood of your outfit!

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Notice your staple pieces

Every woman, aside from the Kardashians, tends to have staple pieces you wear weekly or at least every couple weeks. Notice your patterns. When you realise how little you wear other certain pieces, it may be the time to donate those items or incorporate them into your wardrobe more often.

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Takeaway ready

After you’ve created your weekly outfits, hang all the pieces and accessories together for a quick morning grab and go. Order the outfits from Monday to Friday. Less thinking, more morning coffee and looking fab.

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Good things happen to girl bosses who prepare.

XO P.S. Frocks

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