​Popular Christmas Gift Ideas For 2019

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Christmas gift buying can be fun and exciting, but also stressful and overwhelming to get it right.

We’ve compiled some of this year’s trending gifts to help you put a big smile on the face of the people you love this season.

Digital Gifts

More and more people are opting to gift digital purchases to make our lives easier and give us fun new digital toys to play with! Popular digital gifts include Apple Airpods, Google Home and Fitbits. These digital gifting trends are sure to stick around as technology continues to evolve.

Gift Certificates

Many stores offer gift certificates to allow your loved ones to pick out their own gift from stores they love. P.S. Frocks offers a gift certificate to let her choose her own frock and jewellery. This is a great choice for people on a Christmas budget as you can choose the amount you give while ensuring the recipient is happy with their gift.

Adult Card Games

Didn’t see this one coming? Well, card games are actually a huge trend with new ones coming out every year. These games are a great way to get people off their phones and enjoy quality time with friends over the holidays. A very popular choice this year is the game, What Do You Meme™.

Online Fashion

It’s now easier than ever to buy your loved ones the latest trends and tastes with online shopping available at our fingertips. It’s easier than ever to buy her a beautiful and affordable maxi dress or buy him a quality button-up. Spoil your loved ones this year with fashion pieces they’ll adore that sticks to your Christmas budget.

Stocking Stuffers

Gone are the days of stuffing stockings with shampoo and candy. Nowadays stocking stuffers are getting more creative with fun choices like shower beer or wine holders, statement jewellery, and personalised socks or mugs.

Cool Kitchenware

No, please don’t get your partner a new toaster. Kitchen appliances that are trending are ones like waffle makers, air fryers, Nutribullets, wood fired pizza ovens, and crockpots. Depending on your budget and the tastebuds of your loved one, these popular kitchen appliances are flying off the shelves this Christmas season and are sure to be a tasty winner.

Share the love this Christmas with the most popular gifts of 2019.

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