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The History Of The Maxi Dress

“Everything starts from somewhere”(Terry Pratchett). In 1906 Keith Kellogg stumbled across an accident that changed his life. He discovered wheat that had been left to boil for too long in the process of making bread. Kellogg decided to roll it out and bake it anyway, finding himself with our now beloved breakfast cereal Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.

The Maxi Dress has become a women’s wardrobe essential, though unlike Corn Flakes it was no accident. In the 1960′s high end fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta set out to design something that would be gracing the ankles of fashionable people all over the world. He succeeded in his quest, by 1968 he had the New York Times praising his design and millions wearing it. Designers such as YSL and Dior led by example, making the maxi dress some what of an epidemic in fashion during the 70′s.

70's Maxi Dresses

Oscar De La Renta’s first maxi dresses

By the 80′s the Maxi Dress reign was over, being taken over by shoulder pads and playsuits. Come the 90′s, grunge and mini skirts left no room for the casual elegance of the maxi.

Thankfully, in recent years the maxi dress has made it’s come back. Kate Moss, being in front of everyone in sense of fashion, made a statement at Lauren Woods’ wedding in 2008 when she worked the maxi. Magazines everywhere announcing it “back in fashion”. When they first made their return into the fashion world in 2008, they were cut slightly above the ankle with a somewhat bohemian feel, much different from the 60′s vibe. Moving forward to today the maxi dress has become a go-to-garment for woman all over the world.

Kate Moss Maxi Dress

Kate Moss wearing a Maxi at Lauren Woods’ wedding in 2008.

From 2010 onwards modern maxi dresses have become more popular, with the hem line dropping to the ground they were creeping into stores everywhere. Luckily for women of all socio cultural status, the dress was vastly filling up shelves everywhere – not just high end stores such as; YSL and Dior.

Whether you are looking for something to attend the next big gala evening, scrummaging together a boho-chic look or simply trying to escape the heat whilst still looking like a trendsetter, there is no denying that the mass amount of women worldwide now go to the maxi dress.

It’s shocking to think this style of dress has only graced us for a short few decades. From the beginning making it’s debut on the runways in Paris to gathering dirt on it’s hemline at music festivals to now countless looks, the maxi dress is without a doubt an ageless item of clothing that every women should own.

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