The Pros & Cons of Eloping

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From Hollywood notions of eloping in Vegas to the dreamy idea of saving heaps of cash by forgoing the wedding, it can make you wonder about the good and bad side of eloping.

The moment you see that sparkling ring gleaming up at you, the wedding questions start flooding in from all angles. When planning a wedding, you can quickly realise that you may not be planning the wedding for you or your partner, but more for everyone else’s pleasing. It can get overwhelming and you may begin thinking, “Maybe we should just elope.”

With average wedding costs rising rapidly, many couples are opting to elope nowadays. Eloping can help you keep it simple and focus on what truly matters: your marriage and lifelong commitment to one another. However, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine when you opt out of a big wedding celebration.


Privacy and romance.

Many couples barely spend time together on their wedding day with the bustling of celebrations and constant socialising. Eloping offers you complete privacy on your special day of committing yourselves to each other in a calm and content atmosphere. It’s wildly romantic to get to focus on just the two of you and your commitment the day of.

Starting off on the right foot financially.

It’s no secret that weddings can become extremely costly ordeals. With financial stress being the leading cause of marital tension, it’s no wonder so many couples choose to ditch the wedding for a private getaway. You can use that money for a long term investment like a home that you can rent out for more cash flow or a travel savings account for future adventures.

Less planning and less stress.

When planning a wedding, there is a lot to think about. You need a wedding theme, colour scheme, dresses, suits, cake, florals, seating, catering, and about a thousand other things. Not to mention the added stress of guests lists and pleasing the in-laws. Eloping is a way of freeing yourself from all that and focusing on what really matters.

No rules.

You’ve both got to have a little rebel in you to choose the eloping route. These days, eloping can be, well, whatever you want it to be. You can say your vows in the forest amongst nature somewhere and then go to chapel after to make it official. You can have a celebrant marry you anywhere in the world. You can have complete strangers be your witnesses. It doesn’t have to be a secret, you can even tell people beforehand what you’re up to. When it comes to your elopement, you can break and make the rules.

Endless honeymoon choices.

You can choose to elope anywhere in the world and honeymoon in the same spot. The choices are endless whether you opt for a tropical destination wedding and honeymoon or you decide to road trip across North America and elope with a stunning overseas backdrop.

You can still have a celebration after.

Most family and friends just want to celebrate your unity with a great big party, so give them one! You can always have a post-elopement celebration with everyone. You can choose whether to have a formal event or simply keep it close and casual.


Breaking the news.

This will likely be the hardest part of deciding to elope because in most cases, not everyone reacts well to the news. A lot of the time, it’s coming from a good place because people just want to be there for you. This is especially hard if relatives are quite overbearing from the get-go and it may be hard news for them to take.

Jarrod, Communications Manager for and a fellow Aussie, shared his experience of eloping with his now wife, Honey, remarking, “For couples looking to elope, I would say do it if it's what you both want. Some family and friends aren't going to like it, but this is your day and your decision, so do what makes the two of you happy.”

Some people will judge you.

And you’ll be surprised at who does. It may not be the usual suspects like an emotional in-law or your parents, it could be the barista at the local coffee shop or an acquaintance. It could be the wife of your partner’s best friend or your next door neighbour, so you need to keep a bit of a thick skin if you go through with eloping.

You may be sad some people weren’t there.

Because the day is so special to you as a couple, it can cause some guilt or even sadness that you didn’t have others you’re close to there with you.

It makes it less of a big ordeal.

Weddings are designed to be a big deal. It is a chance to bring everyone together and make an event out of your commitment. Eloping means less people, less photos, less extravagance, and less commotion.

The good news?

You can meet in the middle.

If planning a big wedding is something you’d rather not do but eloping sounds too extreme, you can always meet in the middle with a small casual ceremony. Some people get married in their backyard with only their closest friends and immediate family present. There is no ‘right’ way to spend your special day, so honour your commitment the way you want to.

It’s different for everyone because everyone is different, every couple is different and every marriage is different. Whether you choose to plan a big luxurious wedding, simple ceremony or destination elopement, the most important thing is to spend it the way that true to you and your partner.

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