Top 5 Timeless Trend-free Maxi Dresses from P.S. Frocks

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Every woman wants to look elegant and timeless, and the secret is a trend-free maxi dress or two as a wardrobe staple.

Here we share with you our most popular P.S. Frocks maxi dresses, loved by thousands of women for their timeless trend-free sophistication.

1. One Shoulder wonder

The one-shoulder frock is a style that will never date, and even more so in black.

The one-shoulder look creates chic lines for any figure shape, ensuring this frock can be worn for anything from a casual lunch to a wedding.

One Shoulder Long

Our One Shoulder Maxi Dress is available in nine prints and colours.

2. Anyway you want it

Our versatile and popular Multi way Wrap Maxi Dress is the very definition of timeless.

This frock can be worn any number of ways, with it’s tie up feature, allowing for a style and shape to suit any body type or occasion.

While this frock is popular for weddings, it can also be worn as a maternity and pregnancy maxi dress.

Multi Way Wrap MaxiMulti Way Wrap MaxiMulti Way Wrap Maxi

Our Multi Way Wrap Maxi Dress is available in more than 30 colours.

3. Easy elegance

Our Lola Maxi Dress is designed to make every woman who wears it exude simple yet stunning elegance.

It’s sleeveless and features a wrap fabric belt, allowing it to be tailored to all shapes and sizes, and its full skirt is typical of the classic maxi dress look.

Lola Maxi DressLola Maxi Dress

Our Lola Maxi Dress in available in five colours and prints.

4. Grecian Grace

Our Ashlyn Maxi Dress is one of many of our frocks mimicking Grecian inspired beauty and lines.

The Ashlyn Maxi Dress features this Grecian inspiration but maintains a classic skirt line and stylish one-shoulder strap.

Popular for weddings and special occasions, this maxi dress can be worn for any special occasion for years to come.

Ashlyn Maxi Dress Ashlyn Maxi Dress

Our Ashlyn Maxi Dress is available in six colours.

5. Stunningly simple

Our Tara Maxi Dress is one of our simplest yet most stunning frocks and is popular with ladies season after season.

The scoop neckline and elasticised waist allow for comfort while still exuding flair and classic lines.

The sleeveless style of this frock makes it a summer wardrobe staple for any maxi dress lover.

Tara Maxi DressTara Maxi Dress

Our Tara Maxi Dress is available in eight colours and prints.

Happy Shopping!

Love the PSF Ladies xxx

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