​Top 7 Wedding Trends of 2019

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Ah, 2019. The year edgy non-traditional weddings have taken over the wedding scene causing some beautiful (and quirky) wedding trends.

Even grandma is wishing she had ditched the formal ceremony and eloped in the forest with a flower crown on her head.


Vintage Velvet

Vintage velvet is all the rage right now adorning blazers, shoes, bouquet ribbons, and tablecloths. The ways in which velvet can be used in wedding decor is pretty much endless. It’s no wonder this texturised trend is crushing the wedding detail game.

*Our wedding fashion tip: Use the same colour of velvet for your wedding shoes and your new husband’s blazer. The detail is adorable -- and just plain cool.

Edgy & Deep Colours

Moodier dark colour palettes for weddings have boomed with popularity this year. This contrasts with the traditional soft and bright colours we’ve seen in the past. Soft colours and textures are out and dark edgy colours are in this year. Who needs happy and romantic colours when you can have edgy and passionate ones?

*Our wedding beauty tip: Pair dusty pink bridesmaid dresses and/or your wedding dress with a burgundy lipstick to immediately give an edgy feel to a soft tradition colour palette. The two contrasting looks complement each other beautifully.


‘Tis the season to be obsessed with everything boho luxe, short for “bohemian luxury.” Boho luxe a style that mixes creative flair, rich colours and textures with luxury and sophistication. Wedding venues that nail this style mix luxurious decor elements with a relaxed bohemian atmosphere.

*Our wedding fashion tip: Choose LUXE dresses in deep colours and pair them with headpieces to absolutely nail boho luxe bridesmaid style.

Ditch Traditional Florals

There are some serious upsides to ditching traditional florals and going with wild florals and more greenery. Choosing to have more greenery in your floral arrangements and bouquets is not only stunning, it’s also budget friendly. Basically the less flowers, the lower the cost. On top of being more affordable, having more greenery in your arrangements creates a more bohemian wedding look.

*Our floral tip: Choose wild florals with trailing greenery for a more bohemian style of bouquet.

Relaxed Bridal Vibes

Costly receptions and puffy princess weddings are officially out of style. No more looking like a marshmallow getting upset about embroidered napkins as a standard norm. 2019 is all about the relaxed bridal vibes. Bridal trends are long sleeved lace dresses and flower crowns, buying affordable dresses online and opting for smaller ceremonies.

*Our wedding ceremony tip: Only invite close friends and relatives you actually like. Just kidding. Maybe.


Earthy Outdoor Ceremonies

We’re collectively becoming more earthy this year as forest weddings have bloomed in 2019. Earthy outdoor ceremonies are bohemian, romantic, more affordable, and memorable. The key to nailing this trend is to make the outdoor space feel cosy with the right decor. And wedding stylists are only getting more bolder and talented pulling this off. This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

*Our outdoor wedding tip: Make sure you dress for the weather and encourage your guests to do the same. If the wedding is during a more crisp season, incorporate blankets into your wedding decor for the ceremony seating.


Emerald Elements

Emerald is a huge trend this year as it complements every hair colour and complexion. Even being called, “the new neutral”, emerald is making waves for its sophistication and flexibility in both home decor and fashion.

*Our decor tip: Opt for emerald elements in your wedding decor as it complements all wedding styles from upscale luxury weddings to bohemian luxe weddings. Choose emerald velvet tablecloths to nail two wedding trends this year.


Whether you opt for a smaller outdoor ceremony or have a big boho luxe wedding with velvet decor elements, we’re loving the wedding trends 2019 has to offer. It won’t be surprising if a few of these trends stick around.

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