Where To Find The Bachelor 2019 Girls On Instagram

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The Bachelor Australia has got us again with its prize winning meltdowns, facepalm worthy moments and shocking antics.

There is something wildly therapeutic about kicking off your heels at the end of the day with a giant glass of wine ready to watch televised mayhem. From mistaking astronomy for astrology to the bachelor being called dog see-you-next-tuesday, this season of The Bachelor has not disappointed.

Some of you may have the urge to troll these contestants on Instagram while shopping for maxi dresses, and you’ve come to the right place.

Elly Miles

Instagram: @ellymiles

Chelsea Mcleod

Instagram: @chelsiemcleod

Abbie Chatfield

Instagram: @abbiechatfield

Monique Morley

Instagram: @moniquemorley

Sogand Mohtat

Instagram: @sogand_m__

Kristen Czyszek

Instagram: @krysten_czyszek

Helena Sauzier

Instagram: @helenasauzier

Jessica Brody

Instagram: @jessica_brody

Mary Viturino

Instagram: @maryviturino18

Rachael Arahill

Instagram: @rachaelarahill

Emma Roche

Instagram: @miss_emma_roche

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