Casual Dresses



From relaxing seaside with some music on a Saturday to an evening barbecue at home with friends and family, throwing on a P.S. Frocks casual maxi dress is oh so comfortable yet effortlessly evokes style and elegance for days! A simple way to make a statement, our casual maxi dresses are a brilliant canvas to showcase your latest jewellery ‘must-have’ or to rock your newest accessories with. Vibrant colours, eclectic prints and bold styles make up the P.S. Frocks casual maxi dress collection. Whether your days are spent at home with the kids and your weekends are busy running errands, a casual maxi dress gives you all of the comfort, versatility and style you need to get through the day with poise and a sense of grace. You might just fall in love with our low back ruffle casual maxi dresses and buy it in two or three colours or maybe our tie neck keyhole casual maxi dresses are more your vibe; whichever dresses you choose, our commitment to unsurpassed quality in our products and services will be delivered everytime.