​EOFY: End Of Financial Year 2019 What You Need To Know

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The end of financial year is approaching quickly. Time to crack open a bottle of wine and do some EOFYS shopping. And get your finances in order. Yeah, that too.

The end of the financial year is the best time of year to get your finances in order. Stores are eagerly clearing out their old stock and it’s also the time to submit your tax return. Tax returns can have you feeling frazzled and confused, so what better way to take the frustration out than to shop online with a drink in hand?

EOFYS Shopping

Now is the time to be taking advantage of massive savings from your favourite online stores. EOFY year sales mean that you can get more of the products you already know and love, without breaking the bank. High quality products will be heavily discounted. You don’t want to wait until the sales are over and pay double for the same product a couple months from now.

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EOFY Email Subscriptions

It’s common practise for websites to further discount sale items through exclusive email offers. Especially during the end of financial year. This is the optimal time to join website newsletters and get an extra amount off sale items!

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EOFY Budgeting

This is the best time of year to make purchases and save big. It is also the best time of year to use that tax return to pay off your credit card balance. It can be easy to wind up using your tax return money to go EOFY shopping. And hey, we’re an online Maxi dress store - we’ll allow it, we just want you to do it the best way for you!

Luckily, there is a productive way to give in to temptation that will be better for your pocket book. Use your tax return to first pay off your credit card, and then place your desired purchases on your credit card thereafter. You will be spending the same! The only difference is that your credit will have benefited from the purchase too. Life hack!

Take advantage of the EOFY sales while improving your credit score - it’s a win, win!


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