Abstract Pearl Earrings
Black Beauty Earrings
Black Fan Earrings
Black Fringe Earrings
Black Tassel Earrings
Blue Semi Earrings
Blue Thread Earrings
Brilliant Drop Earrings
Circles Earrings
Diamond Feather Earrings
Double Gold Hoops
Double Silver Hoops
Elegant Gold Earrings
Flower Pearl Earrings
Geometric Gold Earrings
Geometric Silver Earrings

P.S. Frocks' earrings and maxi dresses are a match made in heaven! Our range of swing earrings have all been individually selected with the vision of being paired with a maxi dress in our range. They are big, bold and beautiful! Hoop earrings, leaf earrings, feather earrings, boho earrings and many other styles will make you shine.