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Boob Tube Maxi Dresses


boob-tube-maxi-dress.jpgBOOB TUBE

From Grecian style boob tube maxi dresses to simple beachwear boob tube maxi dresses, a P.S. Frocks dress is a great solution for everyday wear or a casual evening event. Available in a variety of necklines, adding a boob tube maxi to your wardrobe will be your favourite go to option for many occasions. 

Offering a striking selection of colours, fabrics and prints, the boob tube maxi dress range is the perfect base to ensure you’re rocking a practical, simple and on trend outfit every time you step out the front door. A popular choice for fashion forward women of any age, a P.S. Frocks boob tube maxi dress flatters your figure while effortlessly making a subtle fashion statement.

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